GSA Schedule Contracts: The Ultimate Beginner’s Guide

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A general overview of the GSA contracts will tell you that the Schedule is a 32 billion dollar government contract. Any educational institution, business, or non-profit organization can obtain this contract to be able to sell services and products to the customers who are government bodies.

These Schedule contracts by the GSA streamline the sales process of the government as they have a pre-established system of pricing and the terms and conditions that the government buyers follow to purchase services from a company. Generally, GSA Schedule Contracts are used to sell to federal agencies but they can also be used to sell to local or state governments in certain circumstances.

What is a General Service Administration (GSA) Contract?

If you are looking for a technical definition of GSA contracts, it is an indefinite delivery, indefinite quality, MAS (Multiple Award Schedule) federal government contract. Given below is a more practical, understandable, and non-technical description of the same:

  • The term government-wide is often used to describe these set aside contracts as they can be used across several agencies. They can be used by the federal agencies ranging from DHS and DOD to Department of Energy and even FEMA.
  • The term indefinite delivery, indefinite quality or ID/IQ means that there is no set amount and that the contract is more or less open-ended. The term of the contract may be fixed but the goods or services to be delivered are not. During the term of the contract, a federal customer can order any amount of goods and services.
  • MAS or Multiple Award Schedule means that more than just one company can obtain the contact. Also, a company can apply for obtaining a GSA schedule any time and there is no limit on the number of companies or businesses that can get the contract.

Getting a GSA contract is a valuable tool. You can look for upcoming contracts on Set Aside Contracts.